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Moilo Socks

Moilo Socks

The simple unisex design, bright colours, snug cotton and odour-inhibiting antibacterial silver threads make moilo socks the go-to option for any day or occasion. Moilo is about more than socks. When you buy a moilo socks box, you provide a child from remote areas in Asia with a month of education.
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Sizes: UK EU US♂ US♀
S-M 4-7 37-41 4-7.5 5-10
L-XL 8-11 42-46 8-12.5 10.5-13

Free worldwide shipping.

Sizes: S-M L-XL
UK 4-7 8-11
EU 37-41 42-46
US♂ 4-7.5 8-12.5
US♀ 5-10 10.5-13

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  • Unisex combed cotton socks
  • Antibacterial silver
  • Odour-inhibiting
  • Ethically made in the EU
  • Seamless toe
  • Support children’s education

80% combed cotton – Combed cotton is what makes moilo socks so soft and longer-lasting. And it’s the reason why they can absorb moisture quickly.

15% polypropylene SilproXSilver ions in your moilo socks prevent the growth of bacteria and reduce unpleasant odours.

5% elasteneKeep your socks up all day long with this elastic fibre.

Make the world
a brighter place

You are just one step in your bright Moilo socks away from supporting a well-established UK charity to achieve an important goal. United World Schools reaches children from some of the most remote areas in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal and gives them access to quality education, delivered in their native language.

Schooling can reduce children’s vulnerability to:

  • Forced child labour
  • Trafficking
  • Exploitation
  • Child marriage
  • Early motherhood