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Moilo Socks

Moilo Socks

The simple unisex design, bright colours, snug cotton and odour-inhibiting antibacterial silver threads make Moilo socks the go-to option for any day or occasion.

£49.50 / 7 Pairs

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Sizes: UK EU US♂ US♀
S-M 4-7 37-41 4-7.5 5-10
L-XL 8-11 42-46 8-12.5 10.5-13

Free worldwide shipping.

Sizes: S-M L-XL
UK 4-7 8-11
EU 37-41 42-46
US♂ 4-7.5 8-12.5
US♀ 5-10 10.5-13

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  • Unisex combed cotton socks
  • Antibacterial silver
  • Odour-inhibiting
  • Ethicaly made in the EU
  • Seamless toe
  • Support children’s education

80% combed cotton – We use combed cotton as it is softer and of better quality than regular cotton fibre. It is pleasant to the touch and is extremely effective at absorbing moisture.

15% polypropylene SilproX -The active silver ions in SilproX prevent growth of bacteria and reduce unpleasant odours.

5% elastene – This synthetic elastic fibre ensures high elasticity of the knit and keeps your socks in place.